“Discover How One Man's Journey To Dig Out Of $400,000 In Debt Started An Internet Revolution That Has Changed The Lives Of Thousands…


This message is going to offend a lot of people who are in the “make money online” industry...

... But you know what?

I don’t care...

Because I’m tired of seeing good, hard working people like you getting ripped off.

These people will seduce you with fast cars, mansions, and private jets and tell you how you can have all these things if you just join their “opportunity.”

Or they’ll tell you they’re on a “mission” to help one million people get rich… or they want to “change the world.” Please.

Plus many of the online opportunities that DO seem legitimate rarely give you enough support so that you can be successful long term. And that is what I want to talk to you about here today…

Look, whenever someone tells you they can help you build a business and make millions of dollars without having to raise a finger, my advice is to:

Run Away!

My name is Jeff Lerner.

I used to fall for these “get rich quick” schemes all the time.

In fact, things were once so “down and out” for me that I used to be a lounge singer… playing piano and singing for tips in bars… of all things.

Now I run a legitimate, reputable publishing company that has sold millions of dollars worth of info-products, courses and seminars over the past 6 years.

My company has even been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Success Magazine, USA Today and Newsweek.

I want to take you by the hand and get you started in the lucrative information-marketing and publishing business that can realistically and ethically put $1000 to $3000/week or more in your bank account, part time, and 2-3 times as much full time.

The best part is your satisfaction is guaranteed. In other words:

You Can Try This Online Business For FREE, If You Choose…

Here are a couple of my members who have followed my training:

Tonya from Georgia - “$2000 In My First Week, There’s A Future Here!"

Todd And Leah Ray Getts - “$2000 in commissions a few weeks in"

Look, if you’re watching this video, then there’s a good chance you’re struggling.

You’re struggling to pay the bills and get ahead so you can create a legacy for yourself and your family.

You’re looking for an ESCAPE from the “rat race” where you’re stuck working a dead-end job for little pay.

Or maybe you’re already doing well and are looking for an exciting new “bolt on” income stream.

Smart, by the way.

That’s why I created this unique business model…

…to show you that there is another, more lucrative path that’ll give you the freedom to work wherever you want, when you want, without having to ask someone else’s permission.

A path where you are in control of your own destiny, so you can reach your fullest potential in life.

That’s why I’m willing to set you up in the lucrative information marketing and publishing business—SATISFACTION GUARANTEED— where the income potential is equal to that of franchises and dealerships that require at least a $100,000-$200,000 startup cost…

…for a very small investment.

Plus you’ll get one-on-one phone support from one of my Success Advisers who will “look over your shoulder” and help you get started…

…something that is almost unheard of in this industry.

You’ll also have the opportunity to attend one of our 8 annual events we put on all over the country and internationally where you can meet other members who are improving their lives… just like you.

Here’s Why This Online Business Model Is Different From Anything You’ve Ever Seen Before…

  • You don’t have to talk to people on the phone and try to “hard sell” them on your product.
  • You don’t have to mess around with “techy” stuff like building websites and setting up merchant accounts.
  • You don’t have to stock your house full of creams, potions, and home study courses you have to pack and ship to your customers…
  • You also don’t have to pester your friends and family to join your “opportunity” until they start avoiding your phone calls and texts…

That’s because I created a brand NEW, never before revealed, proprietary traing called the “6 Steps To Freedom”

…so you don’t have to do a lot of “hard work” yourself.

In fact, I have my proprietary “6 Steps To Freedom” so dialed in that…

People Don’t Even Know A Sale Has Been Made Until Their Commissions Show Up In Their Bank Account!

Isn’t that amazing?

Now we’re not talking about making tiny commissions like $25…$50…or $100 per sale like most online business models.

The average commission with my system is anywhere from $1000 - $3,000 when someone invests in one of our programs.

Not only that, but you also have a chance to make “passive, residual income” too.

You see, when Robert Downey Jr. played “Ironman” in those movies, not only did he get paid for starring in the movie, but he gets paid every time it gets shown online, every time a blu-ray gets bought, and every time a toy, T-shirt or related merchandise item is sold.

That’s residual income, and that’s the TRUE secret to financial freedom and security.

In our business, you have a chance to get commissions over and over again, FOR LIFE, in addition to front end, immediate income, on every customer who invests in one of our ongoing membership packages.

That means you get paid now AND you can accumulate income over time, so that over a year or a few years, you have a significant amount of money coming in without doing any additional work.

That’s right, you can travel, play golf, sleep in until noon, or do whatever you want.

And still get paid.

By the way, this is NOT multi-level marketing.

You don’t have to waste time trying to recruit people into your downline.

Your ONLY focus is to find people who are interested in online opportunities. That’s it.

  • You don’t have to sell these people on the phone.
  • You don’t have to build a website.
  • You don’t have to fulfill orders.
  • You don’t have to perform customer service.

The best part is your assigned Success Advisor will “look over your shoulder” and show you how easy it is to find these people.

It’s extremely easy, because there are literally MILLIONS of people who are looking for ways to make money online.

In fact… Just last month, there were over 176,000,000 results for the search term “Make Money Online” in Google

Plus this unique business model will never die out because there will ALWAYS be demand for information that shows people how to make money online and improve their lives.

Now this isn’t “selling” like you’ve ever known it to be.

In fact, there’s no “hard sell” at all.

All you have to do is give people free information, and let my “6 Steps To Freedom” take care of the rest.

If A High School Dropout Who Was Once $400,000 In Debt Can Do This, You Can Too.

Look, you don’t need any special talent, skill or a genius IQ to be successful with this online business.

In fact, I used to be completely broke… living in the spare bedroom of my soon to be ex—wife’s parents.

I was doing the one thing I knew how to do just to try to make ends meet: playing piano in night clubs…of all things.

I had lost what little money I had trying to open a restaurant, and owed the IRS and my old landlord more than I could ever pay.

I had no access to any other money, and had zero marketing skills.

But I did have one thing going for me. I was so broke and in debt I had nothing left to lose, and nothing holding me back from trying something new.

I tried many “get rich quick” schemes and business opportunities that left me frustrated and broke. But I didn’t give up because I still had a burning desire to be financially successful.

I realized that first, I needed a new vehicle to make lots of money.

Second, I knew I needed a mentor if I was going to avoid the mistakes I’d obviously been making.

Someone who could believe in me until I believed in myself.

Someone who can show me the ropes, be there for support, and help me when I need it.

So with the last bit of money from my tip jar… a lot of perseverance and a drastic change in my mindset, I decided to get started marketing online.

And with the support of my mentor and an entire community, I was able to crawl out of $400,000 worth of debt in less than 18 months…

…and, eventually made millions of dollars online for myself and my family.

In fact,

I Was Even Ranked One Of The Top 500 Income Earners In All Of Home-Based Businesses!

Now I’ll be honest.

I’m not one of those fakers and B.S artists out there who say they’re out to change the world…

…or that they have a MISSION to help 1 million people get rich.

I don’t even know what any of that means. Do you?

I just want to be able to give a lifeline to people who may be struggling right now, or just want an extra “bolt-on” income stream to make themselves more financially secure.

…the same lifeline I got when I was “down and out”, struggling and playing piano at nightclubs and bars just to make ends meet.

And, to do that, I am offering some of the HIGHEST commissions in our industry to help good, hardworking people like you get “unstuck” in their life…

…and to show them what’s possible in life other than working a dead-end 9-5 job… always worrying about money.

I want to help you earn your first $1000-$3000 over the next month so you can pay off some outstanding bills…

…or perhaps go on a nice vacation for a change without worrying about spending too much on hotels, souvenirs, and dinners.

Then you can really ramp things up and start earning a six-figure income with just your laptop—from anywhere in the world.

So what I did was I put everything I know about this business model in an exciting, step-by-step system called…

I think it’s titled appropriately because, if you follow the simple steps in order and set aside a few focused hours per week, you could, indeed, put yourself on the path toward earning $1000, $3000, even $4000 per monthon your way to a six figure “part time” income.

My initial goal is to get you to start making an extra $1000-$3000 or so per month thanks to the personal, 1-on-1, support you’ll get from your Success Advisor.

This is a realistic number that’ll immediately help you get the ball rolling with your new online business…

…and help you get unstuck from whatever situation you may be in right now.

Maybe your spouse is working because your bills are high and you needed some extra income.

This first phase of this business model will help you make enough money so your spouse can quit working.

Or maybe you’re struggling to pay your mortgage, rent, car payment—even groceries and the water bill.

An extra $1000-$3000/month would give you a LOT of relief so you’re not worried about money all the time.

In other words, this first phase of the “6 Steps To Freedom” system will give you a rock solid FOUNDATION so that you can get out of whatever hole you’re in right now…

…and set you up for achieving MORE wealth, freedom and independence thanks to this unique business.

Just like Adam Chandler:

“I made $7200 in direct sales in a week!”

Now once you start making $1000-$3000/month that’ll give you a little “breathing room” with your finances, then we’ll move into the next, exciting phase…

…where your Success Advisor will help you build upon this foundation…and help you boost your income…on your way to earning six figures in a year.

If you’re already making money and happy with your finances, this online business model can provide an outstanding “second income stream” in addition to what you’re already doing now.

Now that’s what I call TRUE freedom and independence.

A life where YOU are in control and can work as much as you want… wherever you want.

Look, if you’re happy making an extra $1000 every week or two, so you’re not strapped for cash all the time, then that’s fine.

But this business has the potential to earn you a six-figure income if you decide to work hard and follow the simple steps I lay out in “6 Steps To Freedom.”

And remember,

You’ll Work With One Of My Success Advisers Who Will “Look Over Your Shoulder” And Support You The Entire Time.

Look, this isn’t a business opportunity where we give you a stack of manuals and access to a support website, and let you figure everything out yourself.

We know that working an online business can get a little lonely sometimes.

It’s nice to chat with someone who knows what you’re going through, and knows the goals you’re trying to achieve.

That’s why a Success Advisor who will be personally assigned to you, will help you get started, look over your shoulder, and answer any questions you may have as you get started.

That way, you can start cashing those $1000, $2000, even $5000 checks sooner than you EVER could if you were left to do everything yourself.

You see, all professional athletes rely on coaches, even though they’ve been playing football, baseball, or basketball their entire lives.

They need that “second eye” to make sure they’re performing at their best.

Online entrepreneurs aren’t any different.

I wouldn’t have been able to crawl out of that $400,000 hole in less than 18 months if it wasn’t for a mentor who showed me the ropes, gave me support, and encouraged me when I needed it.

No other online business model gives you this much personal 1-on-1 coaching to ensure your success long term like we do.

Why Should You Trust Me and My Team?

We are a legitimate business with three locations across the U.S… with dozens of employees who serve and support our members every single day.

And, like I said before, we’ve been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Success Magazine, USA Today, and Newsweek.

We also have 8 LIVE events every year across the country and internationally where you can shake our hands, look us in the eye, and create new life-long friends within our ever-growing community.

But, of course, attending these events is not mandatory for you to achieve success, We just want to show you that we are a legitimate, reputable company, where you can pick up the phone and and get support from a REAL person.

And to prove to you that this is something you can finally RELY on to help you get out of whatever financial bind you may be in right now…

…or to easily supplement your current income if you’re already doing well.

But I do want to separate the people who are SERIOUS from the people who are just curious, and I think we can agree that’s a BIG difference.

That’s why I’m asking for a $49 application fee to be considered for this rare, lucrative, unusual online business model.

Once you apply, here’s what will happen next.

You will be instantly be given conditional approval to get online access to the “6 Steps To Freedom” system, so you can immediately start learning the formula that has generated over $150 million in sales for my members so far.

You will also immediately be assigned a Success Advisor who will contact you to assist you in accessing your training and getting started.

Your Success Advisor will also conduct a short 10 question interview with you that’ll last no more than 5 minutes to make sure that you qualify.

If you qualify, you’ll be eligible to enroll, but that’s entirely your decision.

There is no obligation.

If you decide to move forward, your success coach will schedule you for a series of one-on-one calls to assist you in structuring your new online business.

Now in case you’re skeptical or are balking at this decision, I want you to think about this:

What If That $49 Quickly Turned Into $1000-$2000 Over The Next 30 Days?

Would you…

  • Pay down some of those bills that are suffocating you right now?
  • Put some money into a saving account so you have a little “cushion” with your finances?
  • Sleep a little better at night… knowing you now have a “bolt on” income stream that’s making you more financially secure?

The people in these videos are “ordinary” people who made a simple decision NOT to accept mediocrity and the “way things are” in their lives.

They decided to take CONTROL of their lives and seize upon an opportunity that allowed them to ESCAPE from whatever situation was crippling them at the time.

So consider that $49 to be the first step toward escaping the OLD, mundane life you’ve been living up to this point…

…where you’re constantly worried about money, bills, and your financial future.

Many of our members start off making $1000-$3000/month with this same information you’re about to get access to, and eventually make more money from there.

Like Corey Reynolds, who made $8900 in a week and an extra $500/month in recurring revenue.

Here’s Corey in his own words:

“I Made $8900 and $500/month in recurring revenue”

Just think, for less than the cost of a nice dinner for two, you could open up a whole new chapter in your life

And don’t worry. You’re protected by my ironclad guarantee so you really have nothing to lose.

Here’s how this works:

If you don’t believe this online business model is for you, then we’ll refund every penny of your $49 application fee.

No questions asked.

Remember, there’s no “hard selling” on the phone. You work from home. There’s no inventory to buy and no franchise fees.

My proprietary “6 Steps To Freedom” teaches you how.

And your Success Advisor gives you all the support you need so you can get unstuck from whatever situation you’re in right now.

Maybe You’re Tired Of The Job “Merry Go Round”

…where you’re constantly going to careerbuilder.com and monster.com submitting applications, sending in your resume, and going on interview after interview without a single nibble.

Maybe you feel like you’re handcuffed because there’s no other way to make more money without going to school or changing careers…

…which would require another degree you cannot afford or have time to pursue.

That’s why this online business model is for you.

To give you a proven “escape route” from the conventional 9-5 rat race and give something you can RELY on, so you can make as much money you want, work as much as you want… without limits or barriers.

So Now You Have Two Choices

You can ignore this message and keep settling for “the way things are” in your life…

…where you’re constantly struggling to pay the bills, have to limit the number of vacations you take with your family, and will always have to worry about money the rest of your life.

Or you can Take An Important Step To Discover Whether You’re A Good Fit For This Business.

Remember, the $49 is completely refundable if you don’t feel like this opportunity is for you…

That’s how serious and dedicated we are to your success.

So you have nothing to lose here, and everything to gain.

Remember, you don’t need any prior business skills, schooling, or experience for this online business model to work for you.

We have people with different backgrounds working this business and experiencing massive success.

That’s because my proprietary “6 Steps To Freedom” makes it possible for anyone, of any background, to be successful… even if they’ve never started a business in their entire life.

All you need to do is follow simple the “6 Steps To Freedom” along with instructions from your Success Advisor who will support you during the entire process…

…and you’ll be on your way toward crawling out of whatever hole you may be in right now.

So don’t look back 1, 2, 5 years from now in regret… wondering “what could have been.”

Submit Your Application Today, take this small, but important step, and get started on your new life of wealth and abundance right now.

And remember you’ll also be connected with an awesome community of “go-getters” so you don’t feel like you’re taking this journey alone. This, in addition to getting one-on-one help thanks to your Success Advisor, practically ensures your success.

I’ve done all the “hard work” for you thanks to my proprietary “6 Steps To Freedom” so you don’t have to.

So Apply Today.

Jeff Lerner

P.S. Now just to help make this a no-brainer decision, here are a few more testimonials from “ordinary” people like you whose lives have been transformed thanks to this lucrative online business:

Mike from Washington D.C. - “I Made $800

Theresa Miller - “I Hope You’ll Join Us”

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